Thales Deutschland modernises the shooting simulators of the Federal German Armed Forces

Thales Deutschland received an order from the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Utilisation of the Federal Armed Forces (BAAINBw) for the modernisation of all small arms/handheld antitank weapons shooting simulator training devices (AGSHP) in use with the Federal Armed Forces. The order volume is approximately five million Euro and to be implemented by the end of 2017. 

The contract covers the software regeneration of a total of 185 shooting simulators of the type AGSHP which will e.g. be equipped with a dual boot system. This system permits the use of existing simulator training scenarios as well as the new functionalities of the modern Sagittarius Evolution software. In addition, the modernisation provides the technical basis for the networking of the stationary AGSHP simulation systems with each other or with the mobile systems to be newly procured in a further step. 
"We delivered the first AGSHP to the Federal Armed Forces in the early 1990s. We are highly pleased of having now been selected to move them onto the latest state of technology with the current Sagitarrius Evolution software", commented Stefan Wey, Head of Training & Simulation Domain at Thales Deutschland. 

Using a component-based architecture, the software update to Sagittarius Evolution enables flexible dimensioning for the future requirements of the user, a common platform for different training modules and forms the basis for the future viability of the system. 

The integrated artificial intelligence of the computer-controlled own, neutral and enemy forces increases the training and awareness effect: Dependent on the user's own behaviour, changed mission situations arise, realistically presented environmental conditions (e.g. terrain, time of day, wind direction) affect the training progress and require an adjustment of the user behaviour, thus significantly increasing the depth of realism of the training.
About Sagittarius Evolution
The Sagittarius Evolution product family from Thales Deutschland supports both basic shooting training and tactical training, such as, "Judgemental training" for advanced trainees. The networking ability of all versions of the product family allows the training of the cooperation between different teams within complex missions. Possibilities are the training of "door gunners" during the monitoring of and support for infantry missions or the interaction of a marine helicopter with "door gunners" and a speed boat. With the use of the latest graphical technology including intuitive operation of the training system and the reliable and low-maintenance simulation input devices, the trainer can fully concentrate on his training and achieving his training objectives. Thales Deutschland further provides support with its known and proven customer-specific service concepts in order to ensure the highest possible system availability. 
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