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When the comic strip secures a passport: The new Belgian passport, the only one of its kind!

Customizable polycarbonate page

The main innovation of this new passport is the use of a polycarbonate page for the customizable elements. Popular for its strength and its ability to accommodate numerous security features to fight counterfeiting, polycarbonate is already widely used for card-sized ID documents. In recent years, it has also become a standard for the customizable page in passports.
All security features have been extensively revised, both in printing and physical elements, including the secure hinge between the booklet and the polycarbonate page. The result is a fully updated version produced by Thales that offers the highest level of protection available today. The variable data includes a security feature developed and registered jointly by IAI, the personalization machine supplier, and Zetes. This technology enables the reproduction of the document holder's photo by combining a perforation technique with laser printing. At present, it is only used for the Belgian eID. Its use for passports is therefore a premiere and remains a Belgian exclusivity.

The comic strip in the spotlight

The choice of the Belgian authorities for the visual of the internal pages, intended for visas and entry/exit stamps, makes the new passport quite special. They feature comic book heroes, the 9th art being closely linked to the country's culture. In addition, each image evokes the journey. 

Vanessa Viala - Digital Identity & Security Press Officer
+33 6 07 34 00 34