Thales presents its Smart surveillance solution

At the 6th International Homeland Security Technologies Show – Homsec 2017 – Thales is presenting its new Horus solution, a sensor system for sea and land surveillance, and reconnaissance tasks, with applications in civil or military spheres.

Easy to use, this new tool is able to meet clients’ current needs chiefly in the fields of border protection, surveillance and tracking of criminal activity, detection, monitoring and identification of mini-drones, or tasks in the protection of critical infrastructure or the coordination of control and monitoring work in urban environments.

A complete operating system

Horus integrates all the currently available information-gathering equipment including RPAS such as Fulmar, systems for land and sea environments such as Gecko and radars, along with other types of sensors, allowing them all to be networked and coordinated with command and control systems.
This new system, designed for civil and military operations, is implemented according to commercial and NATO standards (STANAG 4586, 4609), compatible with micro-services and developed to support use in HTML5 compatible web browsers.
So Horus blends four tools into one: Horus Link, with which many existing and new sensors may be accessed, Horus Pro, allowing them to be operated and managed from a control position, Horus Web, allowing sensors to be monitored with web browsers, and Horus Joint, coordinating the management of multiple positions and facilitating the planning of sensors.

Horus’s versatility

Horus allows the deployment of multiple services as it lets various sensors be integrated so as to display their data, positions and states, and including remote sensor control. All this information may also be integrated with that available in units, according to NATO standards.
  • Moreover all the data gathered may be processed with augmented reality, analysed and exported to web viewers and accessed via mobile devices.
  • The system will allow also ISTAR (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance) missions be planned with sensor positioning to facilitate the tasks in the various missions to be performed.

More than just surveillance

Horus is characterised by its high connectivity, enhancing the information flow between local positions and coordination centres with the gathering of sensor data and sending of commands. At the same time it makes operational units more effective with the use of a web viewer, reception of information captured by sensors and obtaining unit position from control positions and centres.
Moreover the use of state-of-the-art mobile telephony networks, PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones and the compatibility with HTML5 allow data to be viewed in the latest web browsers. Using augmented reality on smartphones also enhances perception and operational effectiveness in all actions.

Participation by Thales in Homsec 2017

As well as Horus, visitors who stop at the Thales stand will be able to see other innovations in the fields of optronics and RPAS.
José Sarnito, Thales España Business Development Director for Aerospace, Defence and Security, says
“We are optimistic about the upcoming Homsec 2017. At Thales España we believe this will be a key year for the development and marketing of new products. Homsec is without a doubt the best showcase for our products.”

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