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Wyoming brings new security and innovation to protect citizen identities with Thales

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) has contracted Thales, to supply all driver license and identification cards utilizing innovative Color Laser Shield technology to produce highly secure full-color, laser engraved photo images on 100 percent polycarbonate cards. The new cards will be even more secure and durable thanks to these two technologies. Wyoming is the first state in the U.S. to use this unparalleled full-color photo engraving technology, and one of 12 states to contract Thales to supply secure identity cards. Thales will provide an average of 160,000 cards per year to Wyoming residents, while complying with the national security standards of the REAL ID Act.  

WYDOT has relied on Thales for a number of years to ensure the protection of its customers’ data and identities. The move to Color Laser Shield combined with the introduction of a large number of advanced security features etched into the card, enhance WYDOT’s commitment to fighting identity fraud and counterfeit identifications. 

Thales is providing the design, manufacture and issuance of the driver’s license and identification cards along with its innovative photo, signature, and document capture solutions to help streamline the application process. With these new cards, Wyoming residents now receive a premium, highly durable identification card with increased longevity and features which make any physical alteration difficult without destroying the actual card.

“Wyoming residents will benefit from the next generation secure credentials that help combat fraud and counterfeiting,” said Tony Lo Brutto, Vice President for the Thales Identity and Biometric Solutions in North America. “Thales innovation allows security to be taken to the next level thanks to our advanced full-color laser engraving technology with high resolution, easy to verify, color portraits.”
Adam Kostecki, Thales USA Media Relations
+1 703 838 5645