Thales to supply ADS-B Network in New Zealand

Thales has been selected by Airways New Zealand, New Zealand’s air navigation service provider (ANSP) which monitors all air traffic in the country, for the supply of a nationwide ADS-B network.

Key points

  • Thales will supply a nationwide ADS-B network across New Zealand
  • 28 locations will be equipped with ADS-B Ground Stations to achieve the required coverage
  • Airways New Zealand is one of the most efficient ANSPs in the world and the programme will aid in optimising air traffic surveillance especially in areas of limited radar coverage and to reduce CO2 emissions
The contract has been awarded following an international tender and a set of trials. The ADS-B network Thales will supply, will include 28 locations equipped with Ground Stations to ensure full air traffic surveillance in areas with limited radar coverage, such as Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne and much of the South Island’s west coast.
This selection by Airways New Zealand for their nationwide ADS-B network is a very important milestone for Thales.  Airways New Zealand is one of the most efficient ANSPs in the world and being selected for such a comprehensive implementation of ADS-B technology underlines our leading role in this area.
Jean-Marc Alias, Thales Vice President, Air Traffic Management activities
Airways New Zealand is ranked in the top 5% of the most efficient ANSPs in the world. They have recently deployed a number of improvements that have reduced in-flight delays from three minutes to less than 23 seconds, successfully saving $16 million per annum in airline fuel. These successes come in the face of significant growth in passenger numbers in the country, which is expected to surpass 4.5 million annually by 2022. As a result, Airways New Zealand has identified ADS-B technology as essential to maintain operational excellence. In addition to optimising air traffic by safely reducing aircraft separation, ADS-B technology will help reduce CO2 emission, a very important Government policy in New Zealand.

Airways New Zealand chief operating officer Pauline Lamb said: “The network will provide a more detailed picture of our airspace than is currently possible with radar”.
Giaime Porcu, Media relations Civil Aerospace
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