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Thales supports the mobile industry to connect, protect and predict responsibly in the age of 5G

  • Thales (Hall 2 – Stand 2J30) will showcase key solutions that support the mobile industry’s digital transformation.
  • In 2022, Thales experts are back on stage to demonstrate the latest products and services that enable mobile operators, device makers and IoT players to connect billions of people and IoT devices successfully and securely.
  • 5G, AI, eSIM and Digital Identity: experience the inspiring and innovative technologies that address responsibly the critical challenges of security, connectivity and convenience.

By 2025, 5G will account for 21% of the world’s mobile connections. This represents a huge opportunity for mobile operators, but also brings new vulnerabilities, data privacy and quality of service challenges. In response, Thales is helping players in the mobile industry with reliable connectivity, protection and prediction. Indeed, the company’s solutions are connecting and managing devices on 5G networks, protecting those devices and the data they handle, and leveraging powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven analytics to predict network anomalies and cyberattacks. For 2022, Thales invites the MWC community to build a responsible 5G world that we can all trust, and discover inspiring new technology stories.


  • Harnessing the power of eSIM for IoT deployments

Our societies and industries are fast transforming, moving from simple mobility solutions for consumers to hyper-connectivity in the IoT (Internet of Things).  According to the GSMA, mobile connectivity will contribute about 5% of the world economy by 20231. Global connectivity and security are the two pillars that will make this hyper-connected world possible. Thales provides innovative eSIM (embedded SIM) solutions that enable connectivity and IoT service providers to enjoy global coverage and industry-recognized application security for IoT devices in a resilient, scalable and cost-effective manner.

  • Enabling greener strategies with the Eco-SIM

Alongside security and convenience, responsibility must be at the heart of the new 5G world. Developed in partnership with Veolia, the global leader in optimized resource management, the Thales Eco-SIM is made from 100% recycled polystyrene recovered from old refrigerators. This innovative ‘green SIM’ is certified as carbon neutral. Since early 2021, the Eco-SIM has been adopted and launched by several major operators.


  • Securing the identities of connected devices and people

5G networks have stricter security and authentication requirements than networks before it. Thales is therefore showcasing solutions that ensure the integrity of sensitive data across 5G network infrastructures. For instance, Thales 5G Luna Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) secure subscriber privacy and enable stronger authentication by protecting cryptographic keys and algorithms. Moreover, Thales ‘SIM as a service for private networks’ allows identifying, connecting and protecting users’ devices and objects in a highly protected and dedicated environment.

  • Digitalizing the user journey with secure application

Digital transformation must be built around a compelling digital user experience. Thanks to the Thales Trusted Digital Telco, digital-first brands can put their customers at the centre of this experience. Powered by triPica, Thales’ solution covers every step of the consumer journey, from enrolment and subscription activation through to service usage and customer care. This disruptive digital experience leverages the innovative Thales technologies ofeSIM, and eKYC (Know Your Customer) with Trusted Digital Identity.


  • The smarter approach to 5G analytics

The complexity of the 5G ecosystem means that network and service operations tasks will need to be performed faster than is possible by humans alone. For mobile operators, the answer will lie in automation and the effective application of AI-based analytics. As they adopt system architectures that enable fully autonomous networks – Thales’ AI-driven Guavus 5G-IQ Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) solution based on the 3GPP NWDAF standard – will provide the 5G analytics necessary to make automated policy decisions. MNOs can automate tasks, saving time and resources and increasing efficiency in IoT applications and M2M communication.

Emmanuel Unguran, VP Mobile Connectivity and Services at Thales, said: “As billions of new devices start connecting to 5G mobile networks, the importance of the user experience, privacy and security is growing continuously. Thales’ expertise in delivering secure digital IDs, protecting data and providing reliable connectivity will help our customers thrive in an age of mobile and IoT digital transformation. We are delighted to reconnect with the MWC community”.


For more information or a demonstration, please visit us at MWC in Hall 2, Stand 2J30.



MWC Barcelona 2022
Thales will be present at MWC to showcase its key solutions that support the mobile industry’s digital transformation.

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