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Thales Trusted Digital Telco

Enabling Communications Service Providers to deliver a 100% digital and intuitive customer experience

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Thales Trusted Digital ID - Document Readers for Mobile Network Operators

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Thales Trusted Digital ID Fingerprint For Mobile Network Operators

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Voice Biometrics

to fight fraud and to simplify remote authentication

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Thales Trusted Digital ID

Where robust ID fraud prevention meets a seamless customer journey

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Biometric voice matching to fight call center fraud

A leading Mobile Network Operator is slashing the cost of call center fraud thanks to an efficient, flexible and unobtrusive solution

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Making Trusted Digital IDs a Reality: What Consumers Really Think

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The Digital Identity, solving the issue of Trust - June 2019

Trusted Digital Identities play in successful digital onboarding. This paper considers the essential pillars on which effective Trusted Digital Identity programs are built: capture and verification, a genuine presence and orchestration.

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Thales' Trusted digital ID technology for Mobile Network Operators

Thales' portfolio of technology for capturing, verifying, and digitalizing identities. These technologies and combined solutions can easily be deployed by MNOs to begin offering more advanced customer identity verification.

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5 Forces Driving Trusted Digital Identity

5 forces driving trusted digital identity, for MNOs, OEMs and Service Providers

​5 Forces Driving Trusted Digital Identity [PDF - 2.5mb]

The role of MNOs in electronic identification within the European eIDAS regulation

The role of MNOs in electronic identification within the eIDAS regulation [PDF 1.7mb]

Thales Trusted Digital ID Services Platform helps meet consumer requirements for both security and convenience.

This end to end platform of services enables secure and seamless digital enrollment and biometric authentication such as facial and voice matching.

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Trusted Digital Identity in-store

Discover a seamless and secure customer experience, from digital enrollment in-store to biometric authentication for service access

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Trusted Digital Identity online

Discover a seamless and secure customer experience, online, from digital enrollment to biometric authentication for service access.

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Please note we do not sell any products nor offer support directly to end users. If you have questions regarding one of our products provided by e.g. your bank or government, then please contact them for advice first.