The role of MNOs in electronic identification within the European eIDAS regulation

The role of MNOs in electronic identification within the eIDAS regulation [PDF 1.7mb]

Thales' Trusted digital ID technology for Mobile Network Operators

Thales' portfolio of technology for capturing, verifying, and digitalizing identities. These technologies and combined solutions can easily be deployed by MNOs to begin offering more advanced customer identity verification.

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Gemalto won the 2016 ACT Canada IVIE Award in the “Privacy by Design” category for its ID Verification solution

ACT Canada is the internationally-recognized association driving payment evolution and digital identity. The IVIE Awards, celebrate innovation in payments and digital identity products and recognize the ingenuity of the winners and the value that implementations of emerging technologies bring to the market.

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High-profile European bank

Since 2012, Thales signed on as prime contractor with a high-profile European bank to deployID Verification at each branch location. Each station is connected to a central document verification repository that will hold more than 2,000 travel and ID documents. The central system is connected to each agent station to provide document repository updates as well as to perform management and operational reports. New customer demographic data, which are captured automatically from the document, are entered directly into the bank’s enterprise management system. The project is now up and running, with over 1,000 ID Verification workstations enabled.

ID Verification for Banking & Payments

Thales' advanced ID document verification service for a major MNO in North America

Thales' solution reduces ID fraud and improves customer service

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Thales' Identity Verification service helps slash fraud at Orange

6 key benefits of identity verification service for Orange and why they chose Thales

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Telefónica Deutschland selects Thales ID verification service

Telefónica Deutschland’s prepaid customers will enjoy faster proof of identity checks in store and online, thanks to Thales' Multi-Channel ID Verification Service.

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ID Verification

Norway's national post and logistics service grows business and strengthen fraud protection with Gemalto’s ID Verification

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Posten Norge to strengthen fraud protection for Norway

In September 2016, Posten Norge, Norway's national post and logistics service, selected Gemalto's ID Verification solution. It will enable customer credentials such as identity cards and passports to be checked by branch staff. The new solution is to be deployed in 1100 branches at first, with the potential ultimately to cover Posten Norge's entire, 1400-strong national network.​

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