Hellas Sat 3 / Inmarsat S European Aviation Network (EAN) communication satellite has been successfully launched

Cannes, June 29, 2017 – Hellas Sat 3 / Inmarsat S EAN  telecommunication satellite, has been successfully launched by Arianespace on board an Ariane 5 rocket from Kourou launch pad in French Guiana. This condominium satellite for Inmarsat and Hellas Sat (an Arabsat subsidiary) will provide Mobile Satellite Services (MSS), Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) and Broadcast Satellite Services (BSS).
The Inmarsat S EAN payload will deliver communication services in the S-band to support Inmarsat’s European Aviation Network, an integrated satellite and ground network that will deliver robust, high capacity inflight broadband for airline passengers across Europe.
The Hellas-Sat 3 payload will deliver in-orbit backed up DTH and Telecom services in its designated coverage areas, maintaining and expanding Hellas-Sat business reach with additional capacities and bringing video content in High Definition and Ultra High Definition format to the covered regions. The FSS/BSS coverage zones are Europe, Middle East and Sub Saharan African countries, including a cross trap service between Europe and South Africa.

Thales Group - Hellas Sat 3_Inmarsat S EAN_1100
©Thales Alenia Space/Alban Pichon

“With the launch of Hellas Sat 3 / Inmarsat S EAN, Thales Alenia Space is delighted to support Inmarsat and Hellas Sat expanding their respective service offerings. We are now focused on orbital positioning operations for this satellite, the 24th built by our company to be launched in 2017” said Bertrand Maureau, EVP Telecommunications at Thales Alenia Space.
Built on the Spacebus 4000 C4 platform from Thales Alenia Space, Hellas Sat 3 / Inmarsat S EAN  will deliver a S-band multi-beam mission for Inmarsat, as well as a powerful Ku/Ka-mission of 47 Ku-transponders (Beginning of Life), 44 Ku-transponders (End of Life) and 1 Ka-transponder for Hellas Sat. Satellite launch mass is around 5.8 tons, with a Payload power around 12.7kW. It will be positioned at 39° East.

Artistic view: ©Thales Alenia Space/Briot

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