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Texas takes identity security to a new level with Thales

  • Texas residents will benefit from enhanced security features to protect their personal data on driver license and identity cards. 
  • More than 7 million cards will be produced each year for Texas residents.
  • Thales now assists in preventing identity fraud for 11 states, including Texas, as part of secure ID document programs.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has contracted Thales, to supply all driver license (DL) and identification (ID) cards — making it one of 11 states to do so with Thales. More than 7 million cards, complying with the national security standards of the REAL ID Act, will be provided to Texas residents per year.

Thales is carrying out the design, production and issuance of the state’s driver DL and ID cards, which will be personalized and managed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. These cards will be designed with the latest security features to make them more resilient to fraud. 

“The secure credentials issued for Texas residents leverage our key expertise in secure, polycarbonate ID printing which help combat fraud and counterfeiting,” said Tony Lo Brutto, Vice President for the Thales Identity and Biometric Solutions in North America. “Having these highly secure identification credentials benefit both individuals and state officials as the robust documents can be more quickly identified and validated.”

Texas residents will receive premium, 100% polycarbonate cards that are highly durable, long-lasting and extremely difficult to alter physically. Cardholder information will also be laser engraved by the state to add visible security features. Together, these features offer a multi-layer security approach to fighting counterfeiting and identity fraud.

Additionally, Thales will provide the software and database solution to allow the Texas Department of Public Safety to maintain an accurate and accountable inventory of all cards.


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