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Thales EWS customers use its multispectral electronic warfare solutions to detect the enemy well before the enemy can detect them, to optimise tactical situation analysis and to gather critical intelligence. As for its entire range of solutions, Thales EWS leverages systems developed for the latest-generation platforms (in the case of EWS Type 45, Horizon, FREMM, etc.), with the capacity for upgrading solutions for warships already in service.

Thales on-board EWS solutions can be used as stand-alone systems with their own operator interfaces, or they can be integrated into a wide variety of combat management systems. They can also be interfaced to multi-function consoles. Features include modularity, extended frequency ranges, channelized receivers, on-board training systems and intrapulse analysis – available on any system and compatible with widely used commercial, off-the-shelf technologies. This means simply that Thales EWS solutions are effective from day one with any legacy systems and have the capacity of evolving with the needs of each vessel.

Key EWS products include Radar Electronic Support Measures (R-ESM, e.g. Vigile), Radar Electronic Countermeasures (R-ECM, e.g. Scorpion 2), active and passive decoy systems, and complete EWS suites1.

Thales EWS solutions achieve their effectiveness and high performance because they are reinforced by the Electronic Warfare Operational Support, which handles the reference classification on the ground, keeps it updated on a permanent basis and distributes the data to onboard platforms, guaranteeing higher quality intercept classification and leading to the most appropriate counteraction against threats.