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Ensuring the integrity of their business practices, managing social and environmental risks, developing new standards and procedures — these are just some of the many challenges companies need to meet today. For Thales, the keys to success are risk prevention, effective control and systematic sharing of best practices.

A company-wide risk management system

The procedures in place to ensure responsible practices and ethical conduct are defined at corporate level and applied systematically throughout the Thales organisation.

The goal is to identify potential problems early so we can prevent them from occurring. Our employees are the people who put our principles into practice, so we make sure everything is in place to help them support the risk prevention effort: 

  • rules and procedures
  • training
  • practical guidelines
  • e-learning modules
  • ethics alert facility
  • etc.

More effective controls

Audits, self-assessments and surveys are central to the Thales risk management organisation. They help us pinpoint any weak links in the system and close potential loopholes. When a problem is discovered, we take immediate action and cooperate with the relevant authorities as a matter of policy.

Sharing best practices

Based on our experience, we identify best practices and share them with our stakeholders. We are also actively involved — at both national and international levels — in efforts to improve the regulations and standards governing ethical business conduct and corporate responsibility.