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Innovation by Thales

Our vision of innovation

Innovation is a central pillar of our strategy to build a future we can all trust.

For Thales, R&D is collaborative by definition, and we work hand-in-hand with start-ups, industry partners and the academic research community to provide our customers with the most advanced solutions possible.

Resolutely focused on the future, we are actively preparing the groundwork today for the disruptive technologies of tomorrow.

Digital technologies that will play a crucial role in the coming years – such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, cybersecurity, connectivity and the cloud – account for nearly half of our innovations.

For Thales, the future is now!

Innovation: it's better together

Interview with Bernhard Quendt, Chief Technical Officer.

As we strive to meet the challenges of the future, innovation plays a more central role than ever in our strategy.

From cloud solutions and embedded systems to open-source software and hardware, trusted artificial intelligence, quantum, 5G and 6G, neuroscience and brain-computer interfaces, we are already part of the technical disruptions that are set to revolutionise the world tomorrow.

© Thomas Béhuret
Photo: Bernhard Quendt, Chief Technical Officer.

Our challenges

Thales teams are contributing to cutting-edge scientific research in many fields in order to develop the technology that will shape our future.

A powerhouse of innovation

Thales invests 1 billion euros a year in self-funded R&D, and all the Group's human and financial resources are invested in developing the life-changing technologies of tomorrow, with a focus on critical information for civil as well as military users.

Passion for innovation is what motivates our employees and provides each of them with rich and varied career opportunities.

3 500
30 000
22 000
2 000
accredited start-ups
R&D partnerships in Europe and Asia
joint laboratories with academic research institutes
doctoral theses supported by Thales