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Corporate Social Responsibility

Thales Solidarity Programme

Trust Solidarity, Share Technology

Because trust is essential for societies to flourish, innovation should be available to everyone. Thales is committed to sharing its talent and expertise with civil society so that everyone can be a part of the decisive transformations of the future.

In 2019, Thales revised its corporate citizenship strategy in order to coordinate the Group's community engagement initiatives around a set of priorities and common criteria, increase their societal impact and continue the actions of the Thales Foundation after five years of significant achievements. 

This strategy is now organised as the Thales Solidarity programme. Initiatives supported across the Group aim to leverage innovation and technology to serve three focus areas:

  • Education and professional integration
  • Digital citizenship
  • Environmental protection

The Thales Solidarity programme draws on three sources of engagement:

  1. The Thales Solidarity charitable fund, which finances employee engagement initiatives and projects with a high societal impact 
  2. The support and leadership of Thales entities – sites, Countries and GBUs – for engagement initiatives in local communities or throughout their respective areas
  3. Thales employees, who are at the heart of the Thales Solidarity programme and can get involved by participating in:
  • the annual employee call for projects
  • skills-based, collective or hands-on volunteering activities
  • fundraising activities including the payroll giving programme in France

Technology and innovation to serve three focus areas

The Thales Solidarity programme supports initiatives across the Group that aim to leverage innovation and technology to serve three focus areas, which draw on Thales’s culture, expertise and ambitions.

Encouraging employee involvement

The Thales Solidarity programme makes it easy for employees to get involved in a variety of ways through its online engagement platform. The programme aims to meet the needs of partner organisations by connecting them with employees who wish to contribute their knowledge, expertise, time, generosity or simply their energy.

Our partnerships

The partnerships include initiatives that are funded by the Thales Solidarity Charitable Fund, through the payroll giving programme in France and directly by Thales entities in different countries.

Key facts

29 projects

The Thales Solidarity charitable fund has supported 29 projects in 14 countries since 2022

1 platform

A new digital engagement platform offers employees opportunities to get involved in the programme

€1.7 million

Over €1.7 million has been contributed by more than 5,000 employees since 2016 via the payroll giving programme in France

Thales Solidarity charitable fund

Created in 2019, the Thales Solidarity charitable fund took over from the Thales Foundation, whose mandate ended after five years of significant achievements.

As one pillar of the Group's corporate citizenship programme, the fund is the Group’s mechanism for funding and supporting community engagement projects and initiatives while ensuring sound project management and the efficient use of funds.

The fund’s mission is to support and collaborate with those who are working for the critical societal transformations of the future by developing innovations that are responsible, accessible and useful to everyone. To this end, the Fund aims to share the Group's talent, expertise and capacity for innovation to make an impact in three focus areas: education and professional integration, digital citizenship and environmental protection.
The fund's Board of Directors, chaired by Patrice Caine, approves its strategy and relies on an internal Strategic Committee responsible for proposing priority action plans and selecting projects to fund.
The charitable fund launches and supports around 15 non-profit partnerships each year, either from employee submissions or in collaboration with experienced partners aiming to prototype or scale up an innovative pilot project.

Supporting local communities around the world

The Thales Solidarity programme aims to heighten our societal impact in the communities where we do business. To do this, Thales's different entities implement and support community engagement initiatives and partnerships with local organisations in their area. 

These actions align with the programme's three focus areas and common criteria and are approved in accordance with the Group's Community Investment and Sponsoring Policy. 

Thales Solidarity Delegates implement and promote the programme in their Country and Business Unit. They are supported by local Ambassadors at each site who work hand-in-hand with employees and local associations.

" Thales is aware of its responsibility in addressing the challenges we face as a society and the changes brought about by new technology and climate change, along with the need to step up the response to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Thales's new Solidarity programme reflects our belief that innovation should be available to everyone so that we can create a future we can all trust. "
Patrice Caine , Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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