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Pooling resources through open innovation

Welcome to the age of open innovation

The 21st century will be open or will not be! 

Long considered the reserve of specialists, open source has come of age and gone mainstream in modern information systems, becoming one of the key enablers of the digital transformation

More than ever before, open-source development – not only for software but for hardware too – has come to play a crucial role in guaranteeing our sovereignty and ensuring our independence from proprietary systems.

© Thomas Béhuret
Photo: Sebastien Lejeune, Thales Open Source Community manager.

Opening up to innovate better

Sebastien Lejeune is Thales Open Source Community manager.

"The web, the cloud, artificial intelligence… The chances are than none of these life-changing technologies would exist today without open source.

By breaking free from proprietary solutions, sharing knowledge, making source code freely available and allowing anyone to contribute, the open-source model stimulates innovation and has upended our vision of R&D by exploiting the concept of community development. In the space of a few years, the open source movement has evolved from a niche activity to a professional, structured environment, and today it plays a crucial role in enterprise IT strategies.

The advantage of open-source software – and now open-source hardware – is that anybody can use it to try out new concepts without needing to develop everything from scratch. Working collaboratively and transparently within a community of experts and specialised developers, we use open-source solutions on a routine basis. They make our innovations more competitive, but they also enhance the performance of our products and services and offer better protection from security risks.

More than ever before, the digital transformation is powered by open-source technologies and an increasingly popular model of participative development."

Companies have understood that it's in their best interests to share everything that can be shared.

Daniel Glazman VP Key Technical Domain Software

Everyone benefits from each other's innovations

Publishing source code is an excellent way to stimulate creativity while guaranteeing security, transparency and traceability.

Tomorrow's Technology: Open Innovation

Explore the work of our researchers.

RISC-V open source specification

Meet Subhra Kanti Das, Head of Research Technology and Innovation, Thales Bangalore India.

RISC-V will allow seamless collaboration between hardware and software communities in the development of more reliable and secure embedded systems.

RISC-V open source processor

Meet Sébastien Jacq, RISC-V expert.

The transparency of the RISC-V open source processor enables better safety and security for the products in which it is integrated.