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The challenges of future connectivity

5G and 6G: the race for speed is on

Welcome to the age of immediacy

To master increasingly sophisticated technologies, it is vital to always be one step ahead... As 5G continues to be rolled out around the world, Thales is already preparing for the challenges of 6G, which will offer ever higher data rates and infinitesimal latency times. 

Expected by 2030, this revolution promises to accelerate industrial development and revolutionise robotics, cyber security, e-health and transport. With its expertise in sensors, artificial intelligence and the cloud, the Group is already imagining the applications made possible by future network performance. 

© Thomas Béhuret
Photo: Vydian Pau, telecommunications solutions architect at Thales Research & Technology

A brave new ecosystem

Vydian Pau is a telecommunications solutions architect at Thales Research & Technology

“While 5G is still being rolled out, Thales is preparing for the future, especially through our involvement in the Beyond 5G initiative, which is seeking to unlock the full potential of 5G technology, with its high frequencies and data rates, to offer innovative new use cases. Thales is already thinking about the challenges and opportunities around 6G, which won’t arrive until nearer 2030. 

The possibilities offered by this sixth-generation standard defy the imagination. With 100 Gigabits per second and ultra-low latency, 6G will usher in new applications previously the preserve of science fiction: mobile holograms, direct brain-machine connections, digital twins able to interact with the real world, and more. 

The current rush for patents by the major powers serves as a reminder: 6G is a major factor in digital sovereignty and cybersecurity. At Thales, our teams are already working to devise disruptive experiences and innovative applications to help businesses and industries play a responsible role in this brave new ecosystem.”

Beyond 5G and 6G are vital for a perfectly connected world…

Hélène Bachatène VP Research, Technology & Innovation

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Tomorrow's Technology: 5G and 6G

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