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An employer of choice

Regular interaction with union organisations, incentive schemes and a range of programmes to support employee well-being help our 65,192 employees to engage with the company.

A long tradition of interaction

Thales has a long tradition of constructive dialogue with employee representatives. Milestone agreements at Group and company level have marked real progress in gender equality, age diversity, access to training and other areas.
The principle of constructive dialogue reaches well beyond France’s borders. In fact, 99% of Thales employees in Europe now benefit from two key agreements:
  • IDEA for professional development*
  • TALK for annual appraisals**.
Worldwide, more than 87% of our employees are covered by at least one collective agreement.

The need for transparency

Everybody needs the right information to make this dialogue productive and sustainable, and transparency is the key to our ability to anticipate tomorrow's needs. For example, "anticipation committees" at national and European level systematically share their findings with employees and employee representatives about major changes that will affect the Group and its businesses in the years to come. Employees can then get the right training to meet future needs and maintain or improve their employability.

Sharing the rewards

Our employees are the most important reason behind our global leadership in our markets. Our pay policy reflects that fact, rewarding employees on both individual and collective performance.

Thales employees in France also benefit from incentive and profit-sharing schemes which help to boost cohesion and build a sense of unity among the Group’s French companies. In 2013, for example, a total of 22.56 million euros was distributed under the profit-sharing scheme, and 30 of the Group’s French companies paid incentive bonuses totalling €42.38 million.

Why Thales attracts the best talent

  • A passion for innovation and high technology
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Meaningful missions and programmes
  • The power of teamwork
  • A multicultural environment

Group-wide community engagement

We actively promote economic and social development in all of Thales's 68 countries of operation. Our employees around the world share this sense of engagement with local communities, helping to build long-term partnerships with charitable and community organisations on six continents.

Between 2014 and 2019, the Thales Foundation supported a total of 77 innovative projects focusing on the central themes of education and humanitarian crises. As well as providing financial support, the Foundation has encouraged Thales employees to show their solidarity by volunteering their time and sharing their energy and enthusiasm in support of local community organisations.

In 2019, Thales reshaped its corporate citizenship strategy to better coordinate its efforts in this area and to increase the impact they are having on society. A new programme called Thales Solidarity aims to coordinate the initiatives we support by leveraging innovation and technology to serve three focus areas:
•    Education and professional integration
•    Environment
•    Digital citizenship
As part of this programme, a new Charitable Fund will take over from the Thales Foundation to finance projects with a high societal impact and support employee engagement initiatives.

An online platform will be launched in January 2020 to present the projects and voluntary assignments supported by Group entities and to support continued community engagement by Thales staff around the world.