Key Points

  • In Brazil, Thales has developed the  Geostationary Satellite for Defence and Communications (SGDC) and opened a Space Technological Center in 2015.
  • In Brazil, Thales has equipped the space launch site of Alcantara with several new sensors like optical tracking systems, S Band telemetry, electromagnetic surveillance system and complete refurbishment of radars.


In Latin America, Thales Alenia Space helps space industry and supports agencies growing their activities. Committed to transfer useful knowledge and technologies for all the space applications like Surveillance and Monitoring, Telecommunication and Meteorology, Thales Alenia Space is developing a comprehensive plan to support this ambition.
  • In Argentina, Thales Alenia Space is partner for telecommunication payloads of ARSAT 1, 2 and 3 and is also partner for SAOCOM radar modules (radar observation).
  • In Bolivia, Thales provided transponders for the Tupac Katari satellite. In Chile, a Thales Alenia Space has delivered 25 antenna dishes which support the ALMA astronomical observatory for European Southern Observatory.
  • In 2013, Thales Alenia Space was awarded Brazil’s SGDC telecommunication satellite contract and has been delivering it with complete program of training and transfer of technology including the creation of a Space Academy.
  • In 2015, Thales opened a Space Technology Centre in Brazil for the development of technology partnerships with Brazilian companies in the space sector. Through its subsidiary Omnisys, Thales provides some systems mounted in the CBERS and PMM satellites.