Key Points

  • In Brazil, Thales was selected by the Army to provide the SOTAS system for several military vehicles.
  • In Mexico, Thales provides Air Defence systems (SEMAR) and radars and missiles for helicopters.
  • In Jamaica, Thales has provided 12 Bushmaster vehicles to Jamaican Defence Forces.


Thales communications, optronics and electronic warfare technologies have been selected for service on multiple military platforms including submarines, frigates and fighter jets for various armed forces across Latin America.

In 2011, the Brazilian Army selected SOTAS system for several vehicles due to its performance and modular capabilities, allowing easy adaptations, expansions and straightforward operations. Besides Guarani vehicle, the system can also be found in the Urutu and M113 vehicles.
Since 2015, Thales has been providing 12 Bushmaster vehicles to Jamaican Defence Forces. The vehicles are all troop carrier variants, ideally suited for both internal security and humanitarian operations. They are all equipped with Thales SOTAS M2 communication system. The contract also includes a five-year support package to ensure the highest levels of availability and performance.

In Mexico, Thales has supplied 70mm rockets to the Mexican Armed Forces in the framework of a contract signed with the Ministry of National Defence. This material includes ultimate generation rocket motors, heads of practice and warheads to be loaded on the Mexican Air Force's EC725 Cougar helicopters.