In the commercial aviation domain, Thales provides the full avionics suite to the Sukhoi Superjet100 (SSJ100) programme in Russia and has established a very strong position with Turkish Airlines, as an important supplier of avionics and simulation equipment.
In the In-flight Entertainment domain, Aeroflot selected in 2011 the Thales In-flight Entertainment System for its fleet of 16 Boeing 777-300 aircraft. In 2014, Turkish Airlines selected the Thales in-flight entertainment system for use on board 25 of its A321 and 20 of its B737 aircraft.
Moreover, Thales secures the space of Azerbaijan by providing radars and a new Air Traffic Control tower for the Baku International airport.
In Turkmenistan, Thales is providing solutions to ensure security and manage Air Traffic Management of Dasoguz, Turkmenabad and Achgabat airports.
  • In-Flight Entertainment systems on board Turkish Airlines and Aeroflot
  • Air Traffic Management systems in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.
  • Avionics systems on Sukkoi Superjet100 programme