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Small Arms Training

A comprehensive approach to small arms training

Recent conflicts have reaffirmed the importance of proper training for ensuring operational advantage of the battlefield. 

Thales provides comprehensive virtual small arms training solutions, encompassing pistols, grenade launchers, and guided weapons. 

Addressing the diverse needs of military personnel, law enforcement, customs, and civil security organizations, Thales’ small arms trainers can simulate everything from basic shooting ranges to complex tactical engagements, and support skill development from individual marksmanship to collective advanced situational training.

Virtual small arms training solutions

Thales’ virtual small arms training solutions are built on proven, high-performance IR laser and radio technology, enabling precise shot tracking. Trainees receive detailed individual statistics, such as trigger pressure and aiming path, allowing for thorough performance analysis of their performance. Instructors can leverage this data to provide precise, evidence-based debriefings, significantly enhancing training effectiveness.

Additionally, Thales' training solutions now incorporate the Unreal Engine 5 graphical engine, creating an ultra-realistic virtual environment that further improves learning outcomes.

Immersion involves not only high-quality graphics, but also realistic weapon handling. Trainees use weapons that are either original, disarmed, modified, or high-fidelity replicas, all designed to match the Form, Fit, and Function (FFF) and ballistic characteristics of their real counterparts, complete with pneumatic recoil for added realism. Combined with simulators for telescopic, night vision, and thermal sights, Thales' systems enable training under conditions that closely replicate real-world scenarios. Our expanding weapons catalog includes various models of pistols, rifles, machine guns, heavy machine guns, anti-structure, and anti-tank weapons.

Thales’ training solutions are also distinguished by their modularity, allowing the integration of additional mission components such as artillery observers, drone pilots, and on-board gunners. This flexibility ensures our solutions can be tailored to meet specific training needs.

Thales’ virtual small arms training solutions equip soldiers with essential motor skills, such as weapon handling and shooting procedures, as well as critical soft skills in communication, coordination, observation, and decision-making. 

Enhance Training with Tactical Engagement Analysis (TEA)

Thales’ Tactical Engagement Analysis (TEA) offers an immersive training experience where each weapon module is equipped with a camera and sensors, capturing extensive training data to create emission-free training environments within critical infrastructures. The system’s AI and machine learning algorithms precisely detect, recognize, and analyze objects, identifying the distance, body part hit, and shot direction (frontal or rear), regardless of stance, position, or cover. This leads to comprehensive and individualized performance assessments, ensuring that land forces receive precise and actionable feedback.

TEA's advanced capabilities include a fast setup and startup due to its user-friendly design, minimizing downtime and allowing more focus on training. Its “plug-and-play” functionality enables seamless integration into existing training programs without complex installations. The system enhances the efficiency of tactical training analytics without interfering with the training process, providing objective data that improves performance evaluation. 

TEA supports versatile training schedules and environments, allowing training whenever and wherever needed, in any condition. Designed for ease of use and affordability, TEA makes advanced training accessible to all and can scale with the growing demands of the end user.

The instructor interface of TEA displays real-time feedback and detailed analysis of every shot fired, with online and offline monitoring of critical training parameters. Aiming and firing behavior are analyzed during runtime and saved for a thorough after-action review, independent of the physical training area.

In conclusion, TEA significantly enhances training effectiveness by providing detailed, objective feedback in real-world scenarios.

By integrating virtual and real training environments, Thales ensures that trainees receive the most advanced and realistic training available. Additionally, TEA facilitates emission-free training within critical infrastructures, allowing for flexible and continuous training while maintaining environmental responsibility. With its fast setup, “plug-and-play” capabilities, and low entry barrier, TEA is the optimal choice for enhancing the proficiency and readiness of security personnel.

Key figures

+30 years
Of experience in the field of small arms trainers
Systems deployed worldwide
Virtual shots in 2021 for AGSHP (Ausbildungsgerät Schießsimulator Handwaffen/Panzerabwehrhandwaffen), saving more than 656t CO2 only in Germany

Key references

International footprint
Germany, France, Netherlands, Nigeria, Japan, Lithuania, Ivory Coast, Denmark, India, KSA, Botswana, Luxemburg


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