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Ship's surveillance / Intelligence operations

ALTESSE-H is the new High-grade CESM (Communications ESM) and COMINT (Communications Intelligence) shipboard.

ALTESSE-H provides bearing of radio emitters and stand-off distance beyond the range of other sensors (Radar, EO/IR).

This solution includes a broad range of electronic surveillance functions to detect, intercept, monitor, and identify which can achieve in various missions such as:

  • Early warning and alert thanks to its long-range detection capability of threats’ communication signals, thus contributing to the ship self-protection system.
  • Tactical situation awareness by sending data to the Combat Management Systems in order to contribute to geo-location of all communication signals, complementing the similar capability provided by RESM (Radar ESM) sensor on Radar signals, and thus contributing to the Recognized Maritime Picture (RMP).
  • Simultaneous CESM / COMINT capability including monitoring, automatic identification of complex transmissions (fixed frequencies, LPI burst and fast frequency hopping emitters) and recording capacities for signals analysis (listening in, demodulation decoding).
  • Intelligence collection of communication signals, for real-time on-board exploitation (up to content access for audio and digital communications if not ciphered) or if recorded for off-line exploitation of signals of interest. Signals and tactical situation can be replayed in off line mode.

Its intuitive Human Machine Interface derived from the Keyobs suite facilitates Electronic Warfare on board. Its new ergonomic interface allows the operator to switch easily from a CESM mode to a COMINT mode and can be used from non-specialist to EW experts. ALTESSE-H allows to be connected to customer cartography.

ALTESSE-H, a passive sensor with greater detection range than other sensors, becomes a key asset for asymmetric threats detection and positioning in all environments: 


ALTESSE-H Main features:

  • Frequency band : DF & Monitoring : 30-3000 MHz (down to 1-30 MHz in option)
  • Instantaneous IF bandwidth : up to 40 MHz
  • High Direction Finding accuracy  : 1° RMS ( VUHF)
  • Operational  in a very dense RF area, and treat a large amount of targets instantaneously including low power signals
  •  Cope with latest and most advanced signals.
  •  Compatibility with on-board communications systems and radars.