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MIRADOR is a lightweight, compact, digital electro-optical system for observation and target tracking.

It is a surveillance, tracking and fire control system of a stealthy design, which will contribute to a ship's effort to remain undetected. MIRADOR is designed for use on a wide range of platforms, from small patrol craft to large carriers, where it acts as an observation system and fire control director for distant optical investigation, as well as anti-surface and anti-air warfare.

The MIRADOR fire control system incorporates the latest technological features such as carbon fibre shell structure and a direct-drive servo system. Thanks to its EO sensors MIRADOR is capable of combining optical surveillance (good image quality) and tracking capabilities (good contrast). It uses daylight HDTV cameras (surveillance & tracking), and an IR camera (tracking). An eye-safe laser range finder and an optronic tracking unit ensure that accurate target position indication is carried out.

Main features

 Optimal combination of surveillance and tracking characteristics due to an extensive optronic sensor suite, comprising colour TV camera, IR camera, an optional low-light camera and an eye-safe laser range finder

    Very fast engagement sequence thanks to:

        - direct drive brushless servo system,

        - auto-acquisition algorithms

Optional Multi Target Detection

Stealthy design

Operational features:

        - naval gunfire support,

        - splash spotting