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 Thales is the first company to introduce a family of S-band AESA radars based upon the Dual axis multi-beam processing. The combination of Dual axis multi-beam and AESA technology in the NS200 creates Multi-capability radar suitable for use across a wide range of naval ships, today and in the future.

4D Surveillance radar (Azimuth, Elevation, Range & full Doppler) up to 400 km
  • Dual axis multi-beam using AESA technology
  • High quality weapon support for priority targets
  • Multi-sensor integrated platform
  • Lifecycle Program for lifetime carefree operation


Main Features
  • Dual axis multi-beam and full Doppler processing
  • Software defined and highly scalable architecture
  • Fast track initiation
  • High quality weapon support for priority targets
  • Dedicated ECCM techniques
  • Multipath suppression using beams below the horizon
  • High availability through redundancy and graceful degradation
  • Guided maintenance and graphical fault localisation
Frank van de Wiel
+31 (0)74 2488111