Autonomous Ballistic Missile Search and Track

SMART-L EWC independently finds Ballistic Missile type targets. Following fast track initiation, the ballistic target track is maintained up to zenith. Ballistic Missile detection range is improved significantly by applying forward/backward scanning and staring modes which provides increased observation time.

Easily upgradable and prepared for future threats

In traditional radar systems the functionality remains unchanged through its lifespan. However SMART-L EWC is an AESA programmable radar which is characterized by full flexibility. Additional capabilities can be introduced during lifetime according to customer needs. This makes the radar future proof in case of evolving requirements.

SMART-L is operational on the Netherlands', Danish and German air defence frigates and the Korean Landing Platform Dock. SMART-L's derivative, S1850M, is operational on the Royal Navy's Type 45 vessels and the French and Italian Horizon class destroyers. It is under contract for the new British Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers.


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