Offensive electronic attack systems field proven in more than 10 countries.

  • High performance ESM capacity to provide efficient detection of targets
  • Powerful up to 1kW effective power
  • Able to be integrated in all kinds of platforms (land, air, naval)
  • Compatible with mission planning solution for jamming optimization
  • HF: 1.5-30 MHz
  • V/UHF: 20-3000 MHz
  • Multi-modes ECM capacity:
- Selective jamming (spot, responsive)
- Smart barrage jamming
- Deception
- Follower-jamming
- DRFM repeater
Thales Group - TRC274H/V/UHF Jammer

TRC 274  H/V/UHF Jammer
Digital and modular COM ECM solution for selective
denial and disruption of enemy's communications
  • HF: 1.5-30 MHz
  • V/UHF: 20-3000 MHz
  • Embedded ESM for smart jamming: 80 MHz bandwidth
  • High ECM performances: 60 MHz bandwidth
  • Open library of jamming waveforms