The F@stnet HD represents a coherent radio family offering the same waveforms and services whatever the type of equipment (handhelds, manpack or Vehicular stations) matching all the real operational situations. In particular, the F@stnet HD radio family integrates different modes  such as  the GeoMux HD.

GeoMux HD : Building on the success of the Mux technology, the new GeoMux HD waveform combines breakthrough services of current GeoMux (Voice data, GPS position) mode with an unsurpassed data Rate in frequency hopping transmission. Deployed units on the battlefield achieve information superiority enabling to communicate more information, with greater speed and detail by leveraging GeoMux waveform.

The new GeoMux HD waveform has been designed on the Mux technology splitting the data stream in four parts :
o Voice Channel
o High data rate channel
o  BFT channel
o Services channel
New man machine interface
  • Direct access to main menu
  • Robust Touchscreen
  • All languages supported
  • SMS/MMS : mobile format
  • Video compatible
  • GPS
  • IP
New digital SDR platform
  • New HD modulation (25 , 50 & 75 KHz)
  • Highest data throughput : up to 250 Kbps
  • Long range communication
  • Full interoperability with PR4G F@stnet waveforms
  • Dual programmable encryption  (for sovereign and coalition encryption)
Backwards interoperability
  • Same form fit as the PRG F@stnet family
  • Embed all the PR4G F@stnet waveforms
  • Compatible with all PR4G F@stnet accessories