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Staring Electro-Optic Security System

Gatekeeper is the latest addition in the passive surveillance product family. Non-rotating (staring) IR/TV cameras provide a continuous 360deg panoramic visual overview of the own ship environment. Adequate tracking facilities are provided to track even the smallest surface target.

Gatekeeper has been designed as an automatic own ship close-range security sensor when in harbor, at anchor or sailing close to unfriendly shores.

The system is ideally suited as clip-on for existing platforms. It provides 24-hour, day/night surveillance allowing the crew to be deployed more efficiently with personnel being able to stay inside a protected, airconditioned environment rather than having to stand watch on deck.

Gatekeeper also allows the ship to have a relaxed alert state and still be able to respond quickly in case of an emerging threat. Gatekeeper excels in harbours and confined waterways where radar use is restricted and radar performance is limited.

A Gatekeeper system will have up to 4 sensor units, each comprising non-cooled IR and three TV cameras with a combined view of 120° in azimuth. The 360° surveillance image is available for multiple operator stations, where each operator has his own "software controlled window" for amplification of track data and zoom-in without disturbing the 360° view for other users at the bridge, operations room or watch stand. The panoramic view can be displayed on large screen(s) in the combat information center.

Gatekeeper is also available as a stand-alone upgrade for naval ships or other applications, such as oil rigs at sea or land-based high-value objects and compounds to offer protection against asymmetric threats and piracy.

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