Thales provides solutions for a variety of specialized markets and applications including radiology, radio frequency, microwave sources, training and simulation solutions, microelectronics and lasers for science, industry, space and defence.
  • Lasers
    Thales is a world leader in design, development and manufacturing of high energy nanosecond lasers and high intensity, ultra-short Ti:Sa femtosecond lasers. Beyond the exceptional technical performances, THALES development trend is to provide the most
  • Microwave & Imaging Sub-Systems
    Since 60 years Thales manufacture components (tubes and detectors) and sub-systems for high-tech systems, from satellites and synchrotrons to radars and advanced medical imaging equipment.
  • Radiology
    Radiological imaging include pixium flat panel detectors with CMOS technology guaranteeing images generated in real time and high image quality from flat panel detectors to complete imaging solutions.
  • Training & Simulation
    As a pioneer in simulation technology, Thales is a critical partner with organisations around the globe. We provide the most advanced training in the most realistic environments leading the way in both military and civil training applications.