Satcom On-The-Move

  • Communication on-the-moove
  • High datarate communication
  • Easy integration on vehicule
  • Ideal backbone for tactical communication bubble

 Satmove :
Thales Group - Satcom
  • Dual band: civil and military Ka bands
  • Modem agnostic
  • Discretion
  • Communication Resilience supporting graceful degradation
  • Communication supporting Off-road conditions
  • Worldwide operation
  • Saves operation costs


Manpacks and Fly-aways

  • Use of military and civilian satellite capabilities
  • On-demand communications for tactical network
  • Wide range of services
  • Compliant with military requirements
  • Secure communications
  • Quick set-up in operation
  • Tactical terminals family:
- Manpacks
- Headquarters terminals
- Mobile Fly-Away terminals

Thales Group - talisman ka
  • Ka bands
  • Secure voice and data communications
  • Lightweight terminal: 10 kg without battery
  • Rapid deployment: 5 mn
  • Set-up call in less than 10 s
  • Bandwidth optimisation (DAMA)
  • Autonomous operation with batteries

TAMPA TM-850 MP and TM-FA130 Manpack and Fly-Away Terminals
Tampa manpack terminals feature an extraordinary level of integration and thermal management in a small package. Major system components have been modularized into field separable subsystems to simplify upgrades and logistics. The system architecture eliminates the need for forced air cooling further enhancing reliability. Packaging options include small backpacks, a single, commercial aircraft compliant overhead transit case and softside rollaboard luggage.     
Manpack terminals can be configured for single, dual or tri-band operation at time of delivery or through field upgrades. Terminal operators can change frequency bands in the field without tools.
Thales Group - tbm 145
  • X, Ku or Ka (Military and Civil)
  • Demonstrated data rate > 1 Mbps
  • 45, 65, 90 cm (manpack) and 130 cm (fly-away) antenna
  • iDirect modem or any other L-band interface modem
  • WGS certification (X and Ka-band)
  • Typical weight < 13 kg for the manpack