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In 2015, a global defence-sector leader needed to rationalise its information system. The need to manage hundreds of institutional applications presented a real headache, particularly in light of increasing running costs. Applications had to be standardised, and adapted to a highly secure cloud architecture, as a matter or urgency.


Thales leveraged its expertise in highly controlled secure environments to implement the following solutions: 

  • Deployment of a Cloud solution developed on an OpenStack platform, fully integrated into the customer’s secure infrastructure and networks;

  • Implementation of a cloud eligibility methodology in respect of the application portfolio;
  • Transformation of the 200 eligible applications in DevSecOps mode [604];
  • Outsourced management of the hybrid information system.


The benefits of the project were as follows:

  • Reduced running costs;

  • Improved responsiveness thanks to the automatic deployment, production release, scalability and resilience functionalities of the Thales cloud;
  • Reduced time to market;
  • Improved service quality for users.