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COMMANDER C3 is Thales AWS' Marine Command, Control, and Communications System for non-Combattant applications.

C3 for both civilian & militairy users

Commander C3 provides seamless near real-time sharing of the Common Operating Picture (COP) (contact data, messages, and geo-referenced map overlays) between vessels, helicopters, and shore installations. COMMANDER C 3 also provides gateway interfaces to achieve interoperability with major naval data link standards.

The system is ideal for both civilian and military users who require an effective, affordable solution to address the technical and interoperability challenges associated with co-operation and co-ordination among police, coast guard, and naval authorities in the performance of the following tasks: search and rescue, coastal defence and surveillance, smuggling and drug interdiction, economic exclusion zone protection, customs/immigration patrol, fisheries patrol, fleet management, vessel traffic management and naval control of shipping.