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The systems architect of choice for CBRNE solutions


In a world of constant tension and conflict, CBRNE threats (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives) are never far away. From nerve agents to dirty bombs and explosive devices, CBRNE weapons could wreak havoc in urban areas as well as conflict zones, with a potentially devastating impact on human life and the environment. The armed forces and emergency services are well aware of the dangers. But between hostile action and industrial accidents, there are so many different risks involved that a holistic approach to CBRNE defence is now the only way to keep our soldiers and citizens safe.


With over 25 years of experience in CBRNE threat assessment and early-stage consulting, Thales offers armed forces and civil security authorities a unique set of capabilities. In addition to its solid background in all the technologies required for effective CBRNE security systems, Thales is recognised throughout the world for its systems integration expertise.

As a world market leader in mission critical solutions for defence and security, Thales is positioned today as the systems architect of choice for CBRNE solutions, drawing on extensive experience in every aspect of CBRNE security to propose the optimum architecture and level of equipment for each solution.

The Thales value proposition

Acting as overall prime contractor for integrated CBRNE security solutions, Thales start by working with customers to characterise mission profiles and define the optimum architecture for each set of requirements. Then Thales select the best sensors on the market and the most cost-effective equipment for each type of tests. The Group's training and simulation experts develop tailored solutions for client's field staff and Thales customer support teams can provide all the services client need to complement their own capabilities.

Thales's CBRNE solutions help make sure first responders can keep the situation under control at all times, from managing victims during triage to organising decontamination and evacuation operations to optimising the supply chain for spare parts and consumables, or monitoring compliance with waste management procedures.

They ensure the integrity and traceability of samples and data at every stage in the process, and with the Group's leadership in connectivity, security and resilient networks, they guarantee continuity of service under all circumstances.

As an experienced systems integrator with multiple references on programmes around the world, Thales has developed a holistic view of operational requirements and is leveraging its capacity for R&D and innovation to shape tomorrow's CBRNE response solutions today.

Worldwide CBRNE credentials

  • European Commission

    Participation in numerous research and development projects (SECUR-ED, TWOBIAS, VITRUV, IMPACT, TRIPS, ASPIC, CITRINE)

  • European Defence Agency

    Participation in definition of future CBRN reconnaissance vehicles and CBRN information systems architecture (JIP CBRN)

  • Italian defence procurement agency (DAT)

    NATO standard (STANAG 4632) field identification laboratories and armoured reconnaissance vehicles

  • Italian Ministry of the Interior

    CBRN command & control vehicles for civil defence and firefighting services.

  • French defence procurement agency (DGA)

    CBRN defence architecture, CBRN management software, mobile field laboratories, armoured reconnaissance vehicles and CBRN alert beacons

  • Finnish defence procurement agency (AMC)

    Armoured reconnaissance vehicles

  • French civil defence agency

    NBC protection equipment for early responders, dedicated biological and chemical risk response vehicle

  • French Ministry of the Interior

    Provision of chemical detection equipment and sampling kits

  • Swiss defence procurement agency (Armasuisse)

    Armoured CBRN reconnaissance vehicles

  • German Navy

    Biological detection systems and associated test equipement