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The Thales Cogent Mugshot System (CMS) provides a Web-based, service-oriented, modular mugshot photo investigative tool for law enforcement agencies. Users can easily create and edit lineups, mug books, and booking records with its user-friendly navigation.

This solution is part of our biometric software portfolio​ dedicated to Law Enforcement.

User-friendly, scalable, accurate​

​Law enforcement agencies can securely access the CMS database and search for suspects immediately from the crime scene or patrol car through a standard Web browser; no dedicated software is needed. 

Running on a commercially available backend server, CMS uses a NIST standard interface that seamlessly integrates with Thales Cogent's products, third-party AFISs, and LiveScan systems.

CMS lets users search for candidates using a list of basic criteria or through an advanced query tool, providing a high degree of flexibility to conduct searches or comparisons. Lineups can be viewed on-screen or printed, while mug books can be securely viewed on-screen through a "witness mode." 

CMS also allows users to create: 

  • suspect records, 
  • lineups, 
  • wanted posters, 
  • investigation activity logging.

CMS is available as part of a complete booking system or as a standalone mugshot information system. Customized integration with Thales Cogent's AFIS and Thales Cogent's LiveScan System allows agencies to tailor a system to meet their operational requirements.

By sharing a common database structure, redundant data entry is virtually eliminated at sites where the system is purchased as a complement to existing booking systems.

mug shot screenmug shot screen 2

Product Highlights:

  • Create mug books
  • Create lineups based on suspect or search criteria
  • Create, locate, or edit existing booking records

Key Features:

  • 100% Web-based solution
  • Role-based access
  • User-friendly, intuitive graphical interface for witness presentation
  • Capture or import multiple mugshots as well as scars, marks, and tattoos
  • Photo normalization
  • Report generation
  • Scalable to meet the unique needs of your agency
  • Record retrieval and lineup creation
  • Supports data import and export
  • Interfaces with other law enforcement systems
  • NIST-compliant
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Fully-integrated with Thales Cogent's AFIS products
  • Custom workflow integration services are available
  • Facial recognition (optional)

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