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bring AFIS to the field

Bring your AFIS to the field!​


The Thales Cogent WebID application provides a rapid, practical, and secure method of comparing live fingerprints to a database of stored prints for positive identification of an individual. 

​The software is part of our biometric technology and solutions​ available to you.

WebID is a 100% web-based solution; no dedicated software is needed. 

Biometric data is captured on a Bluetooth enabled mobile handheld device or USB scanner, and search transactions are securely submitted to a host, such as a laptop in a patrol vehicle or desktop computer.

​​The host device can submit search transactions via a secure web page using a standard web browser to remote National, State, or local AFISes over a wireless network. 

WebID features:

  • Leverages existing IT equipment and infrastructure
  • User-friendly interface, which minimizes the need for training
  • Capable of submitting searches and receiving responses in-the-field
  • Flexible in handling NIST requests and responses over a wireless network​​​

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