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​​​​Malaysian e-passports

A key element of the Malaysian e-passport or ePasport Malaysia in Malay is the polycarbonate data page supplied by Thales since 2013.

 The first data page was chipless, and in 2016, the electronic polycarbonate data page was introduced in Malaysia. The data page meets the highest security demands and fully complies with the ICAO standards.

As one of the worldwide pioneers of this technology, Thales has gained substantial experience and expert ​knowledge since the launch of the world's first polycarbonate identity card in 1995, the Swiss identity card.

​​Boasting the 14th most powerful passport globally, Malaysians are granted visa-free access to 179 destinations, surpassing all ASEAN nations except Singapore, according to the Henley Passport Index. (Free Malaysia Today - January 2023)


Malaysian Passport Blends Security and Design

Malaysian passport

The current polycarbonate electronic data page features a variety of built-in security elements, including groundbreaking and exciting true-color UV security elements based on the innovative Thales Gemalto True Vision solution. It offers high-resolution UV images with high brilliance and outstanding colour reproduction, such as the spectacular skyline of Kuala Lumpur (see picture). 

It expands new design possibilities and protects the document against duplication and reproduction.

Malaysian authorities also selected the highly flexible and patented passport data page hinge with the integrated UV printing element, which guarantees secure and robust sewing of the data page into the passport booklet.

Malaysian passport

The data page, hinge and security elements designed in Switzerland by Thales have a lifespan of 10 years.

The company​ is a key supplier to the General contractor Datasonic Technologies in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia in this project.​

As of 1 November 2016, the renewal of the Malaysian e-passport can be done online.


Passport Security Design Guidelines

At Thales, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach to security. That's why we strive to provide secure, durable and innovative solutions. 

We also offer extensive experience and support, enabling our customers to meet their expectations for distinctive documents that are as secure as they are attractive.

You may have experienced the challenge of getting a clear and updated picture regarding fraud techniques and security features. 

If you're looking for useful tips for passport security design that you can use, then you'll like this exclusive dossier.


Travelling  in Europe in 2024

Starting from next year, Malaysians intending to visit any European Union or Schengen member countries will need to obtain an online document known as ETIAS.

The ETIAS is not a visa but a travel authorization.

It will be linked to the traveller's passport and allows a maximum stay of 90 days within a 180-day period.

Applying for ETIAS well before any planned journey to Europe is advised.

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