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id motion

Independence and security for national ID projects

Crafting a national ID system is no easy task.

Government programs can encounter significant delays when interoperability is attempted in more ambitious ID document projects. 

Indeed, when card deployment is predicated on it, the time required to reach technical consensus is often underestimated. 

And you know that rushing this process can result in an end-product that fails to address the specific needs of all parties concerned.

In other words...

...a fragmented approach is ineffective and can even lead to situations where agencies work against each other rather than with each other. ​

ID Motion is a complete eID management structure to rise to the challenges of pooling the new secure identity documents and their infrastructures to create a future-proof national identity card system​.

In particular, this range of cards, solutions, and services meets the issuing bodies' need for independence, their security requirements. It provides the flexibility required to cater to applications deployed after the initial launch.

ID Motion provides the advanced post-issuance capabilities necessary to orchestrate the creation of a coherent and adaptive national identity system.


Breaking down the barrier of fragmented infrastructures

Fragmented infrastructures with several different ID documents do not lend themselves, in the long-term, to the creation of a national infrastructure of trust, able to support the requirements of digital ID, an essential tool for a national ID system and the key to the modernization and digital development of a country.

With ID motion, you can:

  • ​pool enrolment, issuance and post-issuance facilities 
  • implement a real multi-application single platform 
  • bring the right answer to scalability and adaptability with secure post-issuance features.


​Building a national ID system across government agencies

ID Motion delivers on the promise of building an infrastructure for trust in eID schemes across government agencies. 

By eliminating technological and operational barriers, it enables overall security to be strengthened. 

Higher security levels will then become more accessible to ID programs, opening the door to enhanced privacy for the citizens using public services. 

This enhanced privacy and security will also protect public investments and benefit new stakeholders, such as :

  • local authorities, 
  • municipalities,
  • private-sector vendors.​


Security: we mean it and set the new standard

In April 2013, ID Motion smart card obtained the highest possible level of internationally
recognized security assurance. As the first smart card operating system in the world to achieve the exacting EAL7 Common Criteria certification​, ​

ID Motion quite simply sets a new standard in the market and is a clear illustration of Thales' commitment to providing ever-more secure solutions for governments and citizens alike.

 The design also ensures full confidentiality between interacting parties, enabling the most comprehensive protection of citizen privacy.


How can we help you create your national identity system?

With contributions to more than 200 eGovernment and border management programs​ to date, Thales has played a front-line role in making the new paradigm of secure multi-service electronic ID cards a reality. ​

Drawing on its extensive experience, the company has devised ID Motion, an innovative turnkey solution to federate eID programs across multiple government agencies, bringing together the best of smart card technology, software solutions, and multi-service apps.​


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