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​​​Gemalto Laser Engraved Floating Image

Thales Gemalto Color Floating Image

With Gemalto Color Floating Image Laminate, customized floating images appear to "float" above or "sink" below the credential surface. This security feature can be used for IDs and to secure passport data pages​.

A pronounced shift of the floating image occurs when the card or datapage is tilted at a glancing angle, so that images appear to move from side to side and up and down.

Visually appealing, the Floating Image feature can be combined in multiple ways to stay one step ahead of fraud.

There's more.​

2 covert features

Two covert features — kinetic microtext embedded within the floating image and retro reflectivity — can be incorporated to provide enhanced security.

Kinetic Microtext

  • Visible under magnification (10X loop)
  • Embedded within color floating image feature as reverse text
  • Microtext appears to have dynamic movement as the viewing angle is changed

Retro-reflection in images

  • Visible under a focused light source
  • Retro-reflection in the color floating images against a non-retroreflective background
  • Color floating images will be visible as a different color when viewed under retroreflective lighting

Color Floating Image laminate: details

Gemalto Color Floating Image Laminate with heat activated adhesive (90 micron) is suitable for document authentication, durable protection, and tamper evidence. 

Typical uses include application to identification cards and driver licenses.

  • Confident and easy authentication of a secure ID card with the naked-eye (without the use of a tool)
  • Easy integration with ID card design through customized graphics and colors
  • Compatibility with Teslin​® substrate-based ID cards and driver's licenses

Floating kangaroos for the Australian ePassport


As an example, this security feature appears on the Australian ePassport data page. It includes pairs of stylized red and blue kangaroos that appear to 'float' above or 'sink' below the surface making it easy to authenticate and more difficult to forge. The kangaroos look to have dynamic movement as the viewing angle is changed, as seen below, at the beginning of the video.

​There's more.

They are visible as a different color when viewed under retroreflective lighting.

Do you think our floating image feature can help you design a more secure document?

At Thales, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach to security. That's why we strive to provide secure, durable and innovative solutions.

We also offer extensive experience and support, enabling our customers to meet their expectations for distinctive documents that are as secure as they are attractive.

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