As IoT fleets expand and evolve, devices and connectivity services require careful monitoring and fine-tuning to maintain optimal operations as well as to integrate new endpoints, add new features, and optimize the overall customer experience. 

And you know the score.

You cannot control what you cannot measure.

Thales Control Services, part of a broader array of IoT services, measure IoT device connectivity and application performance and then communicate real-time insights that help detect anomalies in device behavior and connectivity.

The result?

This gives operations teams the opportunity to respond with corrective actions such as device reconfiguration or software updates before problems occur.

Thales Control Services - Key Benefits

  • Connectivity monitoring helps operations teams optimize device settings and configurations to improve device performance
  • Early anomaly detection prevents major device and connectivity issues
  • Automated notifications are sent in real-time
  • Immediate corrective actions are instantly initiated through remote modem reconfiguration and device control commands

Thales Control Services ensure that potential issues are spotted before device failure or service disruption occurs.  

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