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SL2A* is an acoustic protection system designed to locate hostile fire in any type of conflict situation, from peacekeeping operations to high-intensity warfare.



The nature of military operations is changing rapidly and the armed forces need to adapt as the international threat environment evolves. Thales helps to meet these needs by providing the surveillance and protection systems and equipment that deployed forces require to gain and maintain operational superiority and improve their performance.


SL2A is a high-performance, field-proven acoustic system developed by Thales to locate hostile fire in any theatre of operations. It can be deployed for long periods in all types of conflict situations, from peacekeeping operations to high-intensity warfare. The passive, stand-alone acoustic system provides 360° surveillance of an area of up to 2,000 km², automatically detecting and locating a broad array of threats ranging from artillery fire and ordnance impacts (including shells, bombs, mines and IEDs) to small arms fire on all types of operational deployments in any environment. It includes its own user interface but can also be connected to various types of hypervisors.


An SL2A system comprises:
•    8 autonomous acoustic sensors (each with 3 microphones, connecting cables, rugged case and battery)
•    1 command post with signal processing unit, VHF antenna, battery and operator console (ruggedised laptop). 


* "Système de Localisation de l’Artillerie par l’Acoustique" / Acoustic Artillery Location System


   SL2A Leaflet

   This leaflet presents an overview of the Thales SL2A solution

   (Acoustic artillery locating system), to locate hostile fire in every situation.

   Download the brochure English version [EN] • French version [FR]