Supervision software of tactical radios and deployed networks

Easy supervision of your networks

TMS II is a user friendly software that enables the supervision and control of tactical radios anddeployed HF VHF UHF networks.
Based on a smart and intuitive graphical interface TMS II provides the following services:

  • Management and supervision of 12 radios simultaneously for interworking and e-mail routing
  • Visualization of Situation awareness deployment
  • Supervision and control of radio parameters (channel, power, volume, type of vocoder)
  • Supervision and control of F@stnet waveforms (CNR, SuperMux, GeoMux…)
  • Supervision and control of HF 3000 waveforms (2G & 3G ALE, Stanag 5066…)
  • Alert
  • Authentication
  • Link test
  • Data services (instant Messaging, File transfer, e-mail, GPS configuration…)


  • Cross platforms (PC, tablets, smartphone...)
    Thales Group - TMS II
  • Windows operating system (XP, windows 7, Windows 8)
  • Android operating system (4.1.2 or upper)
  • Software languages (English, Arabic, Spanish, French)