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Introducing APAR Block 2

APAR Blk2 is the new X-band multi-function radar and successor of the proven APAR, the first naval AESA radar. With true digital beam forming and gallium nitride amplifiers, it defends in the highest threat scenarios against the latest evolving threats. Featuring multibeam volume search, horizon search, hemispherical target tracking and  unparalleled firepower with semi-active and active missiles.

Active Phased Array Radar
  • Proven APAR architecture and performance
  • Vast missile firepower
  • Low elevation search and Multi-beam search
  • Modular and scalable radar

APAR Blk2 defends against saturation attacks in the highest threat scenarios by supporting many simultaneous AAW and ASuW engagements with both active and semi-active guidance using ICWI. Firepower is limited only by the rate of fire by the launcher. ESSM and SM-2 are supported as well as ESSM Block2 and the future Standard Missile family using the JUWL datalink.



Currently, the first version of APAR is operational on the four "De Zeven Provinciën" class frigates of the Royal Netherlands Navy, three "Sachsen" class frigates of the German Navy and three Patrol Ships of the Iver Huitfeldt class of the Danish Navy.





Frank van de Wiel
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