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SMART-S Mk2, Thales’s 3D multibeam radar, operates in S-band and is optimised for medium-to-long-range surveillance and target designation in littoral environments.



SMART-S Mk2 is the naval 3D air and surface surveillance radar operating in E/F-band. The multi-beam concept creates a long time-on-target resulting in excellent performance over the whole coverage. Pulse-Doppler processing enables fast target track initiation and stealth target detection, even in a cluttered environment. The use of solid-state transmitters extends the system reliability and allows for graceful degradation.

The latter consisting of a mix of sea, land, islands, coastal rains and thunderstorms and a multiple of radar targets including small surface targets, helicopters and anti-ship missiles. Furthermore, SMART-S Mk2 is designed to match the full performance of surface to air missiles (SAM), such as the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM). SMART-S Mk2 is extremely suitable as the main air and surface surveillance radar in a one radar concept for light frigates, corvettes and ships such as Landing Platform Docks (LPD).

Superior littoral performance
With its 2 main modes, 250-km range, special helicopter mode, surface fire channels, easy installation, high reliability and easy maintainability, SMART-S Mk2 is again a step forward in Thales’s radar development. SMART-S Mk2 is very successful. At present, over 50 systems were sold to navies all over the world. They will be installed on new ships as well as on older vessels that are being modernized.

Main features

  • Multi-beam with full Doppler processing within each beam
  • Dedicated Doppler channel for surface targets
  • Fully automatic detection and tracking of air and surface targets
  • Dedicated ECCM techniques
  • Multipath suppression using beams under the horizon
  • Graceful degradation due to multiple solid-state transmitters
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