A comprehensive range of radio solutions for the digital battlefield

Covers the complete spectrum of tactical radio solutions: 
HF radios, VHF Combat Net Radios, UHF soldier radios, multiband Software Defined Radios, secure wireless broadband solutions microwave radios, intercom and radio nodes.

Field proven equipment, deployed all around the world, featuring critical security and ECCM functions while implementing state-of-the-art technologies to warranty easy system integration.

Thales Group - Tactical radios


  • HF 3000
    Long range communication solutions.
  • PR4G F@stnet Product Family
    An advanced Combat Net Radio with simultaneous Voice and IP.
  • F@stnet HD
    F@stnet HD: a new VHF reference
    Enhanced digital radio.
  • ST@R Mille
    An advanced tactical radio and C4I for each soldier.
  • FlexNet
    Wideband vehicular Software Defined Radio (SDR).
    Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radios.
    Components for the AN/PRC-148 family of radios.
  • MBITR2
    The next generation Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio.
  • AN/PRC-154 Rifleman Radio
    Networking handheld radio.
  • Modular universal battery charger
    Multiple-battery, scalable, modular charging solution.
  • Mission Preparation Tools
    Software tools for PR4G F@stnet, HF 3000 Skyf@st, FlexNet product families.
  • SquadNet Soldier Radio
    Radio Communications for the Modern Soldier. SquadNet is designed to perform in the toughest situations: going further, lasting longer and providing the information that enables key decisions.
  • TMS II
    Supervision software of tactical radios and deployed networks
  • Peripherals and Ancillaries for Radios
    A comprehensive range of Peripherals and Ancillaries.
  • TN4100
    Multifunction Microwave Radio.
  • RFE 4154
    Band V High capacity line of sight radio.
  • 4G-LINE
    LTE for Defence and Security.