Software RSA

​​The Software RSA library provides standardized key computation, encryption, decryption, signature and verification functionalities for all key sizes up to 8192 bits.



​PKCS#1 compliant
All key sizes up to 8192 bits
Hardened against SCA
Silicon proven


Key generation, encryption, decryption, signature and verification functions
Fully compliant with the PKCS#1 standards
All key sizes supported up to 8192 bits
Core functions ASM-optimized for the targeted processor
Configurable architecture:

  • adjustable trade-off between performance and RAM footprint
  • dedicated coprocessor available separately (about 10 times faster)

State-of-the-art countermeasures against SPA, DPA and DFA attacks
Typical code size on Cortex-M3 smaller than 15 kbytes
Less than 100 Mcycles to compute a secure 2048-bit RSA signature


C and Assembly source codes
C test vectors
Compilation scripts (makefile)
Documents for certifications (FIPS, CC, EMV…):

  • implementation details
  • list of countermeasures with external references

Design specification