ISO 15693 Dual-interface Analog Front End

​The ISO 15693 Dual-interface Analog Front End (AFE) is a fully integrated analog IP intended for dual-interface (i.e. contact and contactless) Integrated Circuit Card (ICC).



ISO/IEC 15693 compliant
ISO/IEC 18000-3 compliant
ISO/IEC 10373-7​ compliant
Wireless power harvesting​
Straightforward integration


Fully compliant with the ISO/IEC 15693/18000-3 standards
Fully compliant with the relevant ISO/IEC 10373-7 tests​
Both contact and contactless transmission of power
ASK modulation with 10% or 100% modulation index
RF front end including the antenna pads, a tuning capacitor, several demodulators, a clock extractor and a load modulator
Dual power manager including a power switch, a voltage regulator, a voltage reference, a variable frequency oscillator, a power-on reset and a supply monitor
Operating junction temperature range: -25°C to +85°C
Delivered power supply voltage range (vdd): nominal core supply voltage ±10%
Silicon area smaller than 0.6 mm² in a 130 nm process with poly capacitors and HV devices
Straightforward integration through a APB or AHB interface (customized on request)
Digital controllers available separately


GDSII stream and layer map file
Library Exchange Format (LEF) file
Circuit Description Language (CDL) netlist
Liberty Timing File (.lib)
VHDL behavioral model
Design specification