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This customisable payment card offer meets the expectations and specifications of domestic payment schemes and multi-application apps required by governments and financial institutions. 

This solution provides you with the same benefits as our entry-level EMV cards and our advanced payment cards but is also designed to meet your exact local needs.


domestic payment scheme

You can develop new functional and non-generic specs and comply with particular certifications such as Common Criteria.


Already proven and globally deployed.

Today, these customisable cards are deployed worldwide. 

We can provide you with a tailored solution: 

  • fully compliant with your local specifications
  • ready-to-go or still easily customisable with additional applications

Designed to meet your domestic payment scheme

Domestic payment schemes don't always comply with the standards of international schemes. 

Thales Gemalto's customisable payment cards are designed to fulfil your local requirements.

You can develop new functional and non-generic specifications, comply with particular certifications such as Common Criteria for security or run coexisting applications with the payment app (age control, PKI, ticketing, or biometrics). 

This range of cards addresses both contact and dual-interface technologies.

Thales expertise and resources at your service

You'll undoubtedly agree that developing a tailored product with specific developments and certifications can involve considerable investments if not supported by a partner with robust resources, experience, and expertise. 

The good news?

Working with Gemalto's customisable payment cards, your cards are ready to go, whatever your local specs are. 

Thales experience, solutions, and resources are critical assets for the success of your project.

And every step of the way, Thales will do more than simply listen; we make sure that the solution is shaped precisely to your unique requirements.

Mobilise our team of experts! 

We will be with you from the very early stage to the deployment with consulting services, specific developments (system architecture, cryptography, biometrics), certifications, on-site training, card issuance and field support with our local teams. ​​​

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Please note we do not sell any products nor offer support directly to end users. If you have questions regarding one of our products provided by e.g. your bank or government, then please contact them for advice first.