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Who is Octopus Cards Limited?

Octopus Card DigitizationOctopus Cards Limited (OCL) is the operator of the Octopus contactless smart card used in an electronic payment system in Hong Kong.

The Octopus card is a contactless stored value card that is commonly used to pay for public transport and purchases at more than 22,000 retail outlets, online shopping, recreational facilities, vending machines, and self-service kiosks in Hong Kong.



  • Over 99% of HK people (aged 15-64) own an Octopus card.
  • More than 34 million active Octopus cards and products in circulation
  • More than 14 million daily transactions, valued at over HK$203 million ​


The challenge

Making everyday life easier by using innovative payment technology

Target tech-savvy Hong Kong citizens by offering both the capacity to digitize existing Octopus cards and creating new ones into the mobile wallet

Convenience and hassle-free service to end-user yet maintain the stringent security requirement​


​​The solution

​Leveraging Thales' Gemalto TSH to securely digitize Octopus cards into Samsung Pay, including the transfer of the balance and any associated loyalty programs.

Consumers can also easily top up his digitized Octopus card using the pre-added credit cards in Samsung Pay, maximizing the convenience service provided by using Octopus.

Called Smart Octopus, this new mobile payment service enables consumers to securely pay and travel by simply tapping their Samsung phones on an Octopus reader, regardless of their mobile operator.

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How does Smart Octopus work?

​To add Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay installed on the device*, the consumer can either:

  • Digitalize the existing On-Loan Octopus card and convert to Smart Octopus
  • Create a Smart Octopus directly into the Samsung pay wallet
  • In both cases, Smart Octopus's top-up can be done in-app with the pre-added credit cards,  via Octopus Automatic Add Value Service or by cash at designated service providers.

Use-cases: transit, access control, retail and online payment

Digitization of the existing Octopus card on your Smartphone is only 2 taps away!

Digitization of the existing Octopus card on your Smartphone is only two taps away!


The Benefits

​​With Smart Octopus in the mobile phone, users can easily access to public transport and pay for retail and online transactions conveniently!​

  • In line with Hong-Kong cashless strategy
  • Innovative technology: add or top up Smart Octopus directly from the Samsung Pay wallet
  • Improve Octopus user experience: enjoy the convenience of mobile payment service by just bringing the mobile for transport and retail payment​

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*For the Samsung devices, please check on the Samsung & Octopus websites.

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