​​The new French Residence Permit​ came into effect in June 2011.

As of May 2012, the French electronic document (TSE or Titre de Séjour pour Etranger) is also integrating two fingerprints in addition to the bearer's portrait in the chip situated at the back of the credit-card size card. The French Residence Permit has the same technical and secu​​rity specifications as the biometric passport. It can also be used as a contact-based interface, allowing the cardholder to access e-services via authentication and signature applications.
Thalesis providing Imprimerie Nationale with its Gemalto Travel operating system and Gemalto Issuance solution to personalize an annual production of 800,000 Residence Permits.

Imprimerie Nationale oversees the production process, integrates the latest security technologies, executes the personalization and issuance of these secure documents.

Biometric electronic residence card for France