Smarter, safer, smoother airport operations

Thales solutions meet the needs of airport operators, security services, regulators and airlines and are ideal for existing systems as well as new airport projects. They provide end-to-end security management of airport infrastructure, operations, data, passengers and personnel to boost overall operational efficiency. 

Infrastructure protection

Thales offers the solutions needed to manage and coordinate all the security systems at an airport. These turnkey integrated security solutions provide airport operators with a complete picture of the overall situation at all times. Other key functions include unified systems surveillance, comprehensive incident management and real-time coordination via a command and control centre. They are designed for maximum interoperability between CCTV, access control, PSIM* systems and perimeter protection and also feature high-performance videoprotection and video analysis systems, also developed by Thales. 

Comprehensive control and protection

In a comprehensive approach to airport systems management, Thales has developed a unified integration platform. The innovative Airport Operation Control Centre (AOCC) is a complete, modular solution designed to overcome the complexity of centralised airport operations management and meet the safety and security requirements of all the stakeholders involved in airport operations.

Data protection

Thales is a major player in cybersecurity and a world leader in encryption technology. All our solutions are built around hardware and software components that guarantee the highest level of security protection. Our end-to-end approach to cybersecurity helps customers fight the most sophisticated cyberattacks by planning and implementing the right protective measures and technical solutions at the right time.

Protecting people

Thales draws on its leadership in biometrics, Big data and video analysis to propose innovative, dependable solutions that improve security screening and keep people moving smoothly as they clear the various checkpoints, from boarding gate to passport control. 
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